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The Art of Re-Dreaming Your Story

If you could re-dream your story or the many stories we tell others and ourselves, what would you dream? Without limitations, negative thinking or self-sabotage the possibility of unzipping and shedding our skin only to manifest endless choices and stepping into a new skin, is the energy of 2017. In numerology, 2+0+1+7=10, which broken down to a single digit, is 1. In Akara Numerology by Nam Hari K. Khalsa, one represents the Soul Body, a balance between the Head and Heart, embodying beginnings and new steps taken toward a vision, creativity, and courage. As I’m celebrating the final days of 2016, my thoughts reflect on memorable moments, yet envision new desires, goals, and a re-framing of certain stories that no longer serve my journey. Let’s discover the art of re-dreaming to kick off the New Year!

Literally, we are “living the dream,” our past dreams according to our programming. We tend not to think or dream outside of our reality and familiar. What do we deserve? What is possible? What do we desire? Are we living our truest potential? Are old dreams outdated? Some may be extremely happy in their current dream and some may not. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of “living the dream,” the potential to awaken and refresh our stories beyond constricted thoughts leads to expanded doorways with many unexplored possibilities.

Before we start crafting our next vision board or scribble our 2017 ideas on a napkin, it is important to begin with the foundation of our beliefs in order to change the area we feel limited. Our bodies are incredible sensitive machines constantly sending feedback and information from within. These vessels of energy have the ability to manifest and transform our thoughts, words, and actions into “real time symptoms.” For example, when negative thoughts occur, such as insecurities, guilt, self-doubt or shame; the body will alert you through sensations like the stomach tightening, nausea, headache, anxiousness, tension, chronic back pain, depression, or a low immune system. These signals must not be ignored, numbed, or overlooked. They are present to communicate the need for us to tune in, center, and align with our body. When we are synced inside, our beliefs project our true needs and desires, creating our dreams and moving beyond old patterning and outdated stories.

In my opinion, our soul’s only purpose here on earth is to be discovered through growth and change. People and experiences will be called into your life, often times bringing joyous surprises and unbelievable challenges. When we are shaken and stirred by these events, deeper questions in regards to the direction of our journey may arise. When challenges become too difficult, we may stop dreaming because we have lost our childlike innocence and joy of exploring and have stopped playing, singing, dancing, laughing, and seeking adventure in the world. If fear is present, then our goals become about safety rather than growth; making us complacent. We contract instead of expand.

After feeling stuck the past couple of months, I’m committing to the art of re-dreaming.  Another adventure and tapping into a passion, I signed up for a year long, coaching certification in love, sex and intimacy. Hesitant at first, I chose to re-dream my story. I love this work and know it is the next step along my path. Finally, I sensed an alignment in my body with this choice and got the high of affirmation a few days ago, I ended up being the last person accepted for the program. It’s on! I couldn’t feel more affirmed in my body and soul. The universe supported me and the program I dreamt of last year will be my reality in 2017.

With a New Moon in the grounded sign of Capricorn on Dec 29th, this is the perfect time to find that spark of light to boost your dreams forward. What are your dreams? Start today envisioning who, why, and where you would like to be in a year from now. Dream Big!

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