Get to Know Me

A Guide to Your Goals

Alana is a trauma-trained Transpersonal Psychotherapist from Naropa University and Sex, Love and Intimacy Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, Breathwork and KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher. Alana had a private practice in Denver, CO for over 10 years and now teaches and facilitates workshops and ceremonies around the world. Alana's training in spiritual psychotherapy, somatic, gestalt therapy and altered states of consciousness makes the experience of healing with her very unique. Healing is born out of the ability to be with the deep emotion stored in the body in a gentle and safe way. She is a guide and teacher for you to understand the unconscious blocks that hold you from having the best life ever!


Alana’s mission is to guide people through a potent, mindful exploration of how to intimately connect with the Self and others for more effective, satisfying relationships. She teaches the practice of self-acceptance by utilizing meditation and self-reflection, spiritual psychology, transformational coaching, Breathwork, Tantric/Toaist meditation and Kundalini Yoga.

Alana became a meditation and Reiki practitioner at the early age of fifteen, influenced by her father’s “mid-life healing” and immersion into Buddhism and yoga. This precipitated a career as a Transformational Coach and bodyworker. She has spent her life studying the healing arts on a physical and energetic level. While attending Naropa University, where she became a licensed Transpersonal Psychotherapist, she found a passion-filled path guiding and teaching individuals and groups about conscious love. 


Alana spent ten years in private practice in Colorado while birthing Soul Voyage Retreats and the “Transitions to Transformation” program. She now travels the world helping conscious souls uplevel their lives and awaken to their truest selves. Alana has moved audiences and opened hearts at various festivals and events, including Lightning In A Bottle, Burning Man, RA MA Festival and Apogea. Her ever-present desire is to inspire a younger generation to become spiritual activists.