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VIP MYSTICAL MAMA Personal Program 



The woman who is coming into a deeper knowing of her power and needs a supportive bridge and guidance to let the old version go and explore who she is on the other side.


I have SO much excitement when I feel the EPIC wave of Divine Feminine Power that is coming to pass.


So many of us are waking up to a hunger for deeper meaning, connection to spirit and to find a way to have more impact. Let’s do this together! 


But first, chop wood, carry water, loves. Do you serve yourself? Are you tired of your idealistic, taking on too much, overworking, over-giving, under-boundaried, under-nourished ways??


How willing are you to value and invest in yourself when you spend so much time investing in others' comfort and happiness? 

How do you RECEIVE?


These are the essential questions that could be limiting your capacity to hold higher states of love and intimacy in your life. It’s time we learn to take in ALL we give out.


There’s an actual technique to this…these aren’t just pretty words and if you aren’t practicing it then well…” what you don’t use, you lose” 

Women NEED to feel sacred, sexy and nourished every day in order to vivaciously show up for their lives. Something NEEDS to seriously shift in the day to day to stay connected to your limitless power.


The Mystical Mama Program is about this RE-connection to your wellspring of love in a very practical, hands-on way.  You will tap the river that never runs dry and always provides no matter who you are with or what you are doing.


In fact, It's our DIVINE DUTY to clear the wounding that shaped our nervous system and old template beliefs. Time for us to AWAKEN and take out the physic garbage.


It's time to discover the power of your true essence. 

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Are you ready for the UPlevel NOW? Do you want to do this in a streamlined, action-orientated yet FEMININE way??… beautifully supported with Alana as your Galactic Guide around the Yoniverse? 

Image by Mathew Waters


Understand and powerfully transform your denser emotional states FOR GOOD? 

Connect deeply to your intuition and learn to trust yourself so you can experience unshakable self-worth?


Move any stuck, frozen energy out of your body in a sacred, conscious way? 


End the cycle of feeling crazy, confused or controlled by your feelings?


Learn to live in a place of ultimate connection and luscious love for yourself, no matter what is happening (or not happening) in your life?


Create deeper, more intimate, and CONSCIOUS relationships?

Image by Sean O.
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For 3 or 5 months, you will be in a transformational container. I will be your guide, support team and mentor with personalized sessions on Zoom, downloadable audio and video practices, PDF's of all the written program content, energy activations/shamanic clearings and access through WhatsApp messages for anything that arises outside session.


  • Upgrading and Expanding the physical body on a cellular level to hold high frequencies of Love so you can rewire the distortions of conditional love from the past and free yourself from limiting patterns for good. 

  • Breathing through timelines to transcend old stuck energy and toxic programs that have kept you enslaved to conformity so you are empowered to be the Creatrix of your new reality.​

  • Activating Dormant Kundalini energy for awakening the true essence off the Divine Feminine as you heal your relationship w/ the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within for a massive paradigm shift in your most intimate relationships.​

  • Connecting to ancestral wisdom to improve your Intuition and clear out the connections to limiting beliefs taken on from generations of your ancestry.​

  • Embodying the highest versions of the Goddess archetype to tune into the fullness of your personal power and sexy sovereignty so that you move through the world with unwavering self-worth. 


You will expand through any block and learn how to really get what you desire from a place aligned with Spirit and Heart like never before.

*By Application Only*


"I joined Alana’s program last November. I felt in my bones that it was time to break up with my old patterns. I felt like a dog on a short leash behind a chain-link fence. Trapped and circling the same problems over and over again. Alana was an easy choice because I knew traditional therapy wouldn’t work for me- (my ego is amazing!) I needed someone more keenly and intuitively aware that could call me out and make me feel safe at the same time. As well I was drawn to the breathwork that came with the program. I knew I could get out of my own way with her tools. Within weeks the Shifts started. I began manifesting more abundance instantly. Rewards were coming in from all directions. But more my triggers were dissolved. It’s been a month since the program ended and the abundance is still rolling as is the training. I would detail my life changes if I could because it was like a comfy 2001 Honda Accord with all its problems. But today life feels like a tricked out Mercedes. Hire Alana. Do Mystical Mama. You will not regret it."

-Willow Bradner, Accidental Psychic

"My experience with Alana's coaching has been LIFE-CHANGING for me. She has a divine spirit, energy, and knowledge that enabled me to understand and utilize my power and work to be more aware and consciously manage my emotions which was significant both professionally and personally. There was some deep healing from the past, that from wounds I didn't know existed. Working on self, love, spirit, and energy was a game-changer for me and feel the journey was absolutely worth it."

-Erin Mceachrem, Executive


"I remember the first time I met Alana and the first time I had a session with her. I felt seen for the first time in my life. She saw my soul deep underneath scars I couldn't acknowledge at first. Coming into this program knowing the healing I had already experienced with her in Denver, I was excited and nervous and at times overwhelmed by what I felt. But the journey I have had over these three months has been EPIC. I could not have asked for a better outcome. It exceeded far beyond my expectations and brought me to a place inside myself I didn't know I could have. More importantly, before I started this journey, I didn't believe that I deserved to feel this much love. I didn't believe that I was worthy of beauty and joy. Now I feel like a new being. I feel love and I trust that I am worthy even when I feel sad or angry. I want you to feel this way too. I want you to discover yourself and be here with me in this space."

-Maggie Sommers, Fitness Guru 

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