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Inner Revolution

Jan 20th 2017

As we prepare for this weekend, the word revolution rises within me. Revolution has a couple meanings; political overthrow of government and revolving, as in completing a cycle.

Many women will gather in various cities to stand together and share a collective voice, stressing their rights, emphasizing equality and calling attention to the political injustices of our times.

What are the components of a revolt?

Situations and circumstances are repressive, which leads to the collective stepping out of complacency and turning their attention to the injustices bestowed upon them.

People express their beliefs and discontent by finding the voice within fueled by passion and emotion.

Groups mobilize into action and intentionally focus their energy toward a cause.

Gatherings and grass-roots movements become rooted in the earth and rise from the strength in numbers.

Often, we overlook certain values and principles in our belief system until an extreme situation occurs, usually resulting in a negative outcome. When our world is shattered and we are forced to face our naked, raw beliefs that define our being, this becomes a shaping process and can transform both the individual and collective in many ways, creating new paths and insights.

Are we ready to face the biggest revolution of our lifetime, our inner revolution?

As a group, we are waking up. We are ready for equality. The Inner Revolution happens when we stop looking outside of ourselves for the answer and find the power within to voice our opposition to the daily injustices. Overtime, we have listened to the conditioning that separates us from the other and GOD (which simply means the Generating, Organizing and Destroying nature of the universe). When our individual decisions are based in fear, we justify and separate, listening to the doubter, critic and judge within.

Possibly, we are taking this opportunity/event to project our individual fears onto the larger whole instead of confronting our hidden inequalities of self. How many times will you march an extra mile for the collective only to collapse when asked the same for yourselves? It is truly a radical and courageous act to look at our own structure of self-love and recognize cracks in our foundation. We will fight for the fair treatment of others; yet silently question our worth and ignore our own truth. Where there is fear, love is not present.

Let our voices be heard as we confront the injustices and inequalities of today. The energy is moving. Now, we can see, acknowledge and validate the collective repression and our individual suppression by standing together and supporting the reconstruction of a stronger self and society.

As one era and many revolutions around the sun steeped in patriarchy fizzles; another rises up with the essence of the divine feminine. This year we enter a time of expansion and new cycles according to numerology. Lets use this energy to wake up to the limitations that have consumed our own minds.  Trust our light is magnified when we confront the dark head on!

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