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Radiantly Alive

Remember Who You Truly Are And Who You're Meant To Be

It is time for us to be fully Awake and Alive! 


Are you longing for deeper, more intimate, and CONSCIOUS relationships?


Have you done a solid amount of self-actualization work and still feel that something isn’t clicking? Have you attended workshops, read all of the right books, and know what you should believe…but negative thoughts seem to keep looping you? Are you STILL repeating the same patterns over and over?


Do you want to experience Divine Love, not just "happen upon" or dream about it sometimes? 


Do you want to live in a place of ultimate connection and luscious love for yourself, no matter what is happening (or not happening) in your life?


Do you crave the certainty of knowing your deepest purpose? 


The conscious relationship you desire starts with you maturely navigating your own triggers, traumas, and stresses. It is begging you to become the support system you have always needed.


It's time to get UNSTUCK…for real this time. Changing your thinking is pivotal for illuminating what belief systems you are functioning from, but it's not going to create long-lasting change unless you are addressing the way your BODY has processed and stored your life experiences. 


Are you ready for ultimate healing?


We will transcend and replace your old programs through somatic embodiment practices, spiritual psychology, breathwork, Gestalt therapy, trauma resolution, and launching into meditative and ecstatic states. We must work on all levels to create a safe space within you for somatic healing, re-wiring of the limbic and nervous systems, and calling in a deep trust of your own Divine essence.  


This is a psycho-spiritual TRANSFORMATION from the bottom up and top down. It's time to be RADIANTLY ALIVE.


Learn More About Me


Alana is a spiritual psychotherapist, intuitive and transformational coach who guides Lightworking souls into next levels of leadership and impact. She travels the world guiding events and retreats as a missionary of Divine Alignment and Love. Alana created the Radiance Rising Women’s Programs and Galactic Goddess Retreats to empower women to be the master of their own Domain and create modern-day ways to gather in community to activate our ancient wisdom and galactic nature. 

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What Clients Are Saying...


Radiance Rising Program is one of the most powerful experiences I have gone through with other women. I have never felt seen, heard, cared for, loved & supported on such a deep level like I did with Alana. She sees right through the bullshit and creates a container where all is transformed & integrated in a gentle, safe yet effective way. This is not just another one of "these" online programs, this is a forever lasting transformational experience, where I connected to the core of my being and transmuted physical chronic pain into radiance. This is not the program, this is Alana and her energy that makes the difference. You gotta go in, SOUL worth it!

Female, 30

“Alana is a true healer. With her guidance, I am reinventing myself and my place in the world in ways I did not know were possible. Her genuine wisdom and compassion are unparalleled in most therapists, and have been true gifts along this path.”


Male, 30

My wife and I just attended a Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork day-long retreat with Alana. All I can say is WOW. Alana has poise, power and an approachable “realness” that is nearly unmatched in the workshop community. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this Special Human!

Wes Kennedy

“I recently attended Alana’s retreat in the magical world of Bali and I cannot say enough about the experience.  Her teachings and guidance took me to the next level and then to the one above that!  Through mediation, Breathwork, kundalini yoga practices, once in a lifetime guided tours of sacred spots in Bali, curated boutique hotels with unbelievable meals all combined with a group of women who I didn’t know upon arrival and are now forever friends, I highly recommend Alana’s retreats from beginning to end.  For anyone seeking true transformation in their life, you will not be disappointed with what Alana and her team provide.”

Kim Hicks

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