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The Schedule


Jan 19th 1-3pm PST- Opening CIrcle and Live Call

Jan 26th- Week 2 Opens

Feb 2 1-3pm PST- Live Call Week 3 Opens

Feb 9th- Week 4 Opens

Feb 16th 1-3pm PST- Live Call Week 5 Opens

Feb 23th- WEEK OFF Integration, Relax, Catch Up and Let It Go


March 1rd 1-3pm PST - Live Call Week 6 Opens

March 8th- Week 7 Opens

March 15th 1-3pm PST- Live Call Week 8 Opens

March 22th- Week 9 Opens

March 29st 1-3pm PST- Live Call Week 10 Opens


April 5th- Week 11 Opens

April 12th- EASTER WEEK OFF- Integration, Catch up, RelaxLive Call 

April 19st-1-3pm PST Live Call Week

April 26th Week 13 Opens  


May 3th- 1-3pm PSTWeek 14 Opens 

May 10th - Week 15 Opens 

May 17th- 1-3pm PST Week 16  

May 24th- 1-3pm PST- Closing Circle and FINAL Live Call



The Container:


The importance of being active and activating the circle with YOUR energy and presence: Group energy is one of the key components in our healing. The deepest transformation takes root when we are witnessed in our venerability. Most of the core wounds that limit us in our adult lives come from NOT being seen, validated or cared for as a child. Hence, we are re-writing the story and re-patterning outdated stories about not being worthy enough to be witnessed THROUGH the group interaction. The group container is the medicine. We want to return to a time where we sit in circles and share ALL parts of ourselves with the other women. The point is NOT to have the women problem solve for us, not for them to blindly demonize the person or circumstance that hurt you, not to prolong or cheerlead your venting. 


The circle IS for gifting each other unconditional presence. To witness the others with an open heart and mind. To take a stand for each other even if it means calling us out of victimhood. For giving HONEST feedback. 


What does it mean to take a stand for each other? Honest and graceful communication means that you are willing to say and hear things that may be uncomfortable but true. That we are willing to see our blind spots. We are not here to just be NICE…we are here to be FIERCELY LOVING. 


We have been wounded in relationship so we MUST heal in relationship!


On that note, you will get out of this what you put into it! It’s important that we all participate to keep the energy flowing. Plus, when is someone is absent we subsequently miss them and feel the absence in the group. So, if you are thinking you are just too busy and no one will really notice that your not posting or making the calls to your sister…remember that it has an impact on the whole! AND…this group is filled with really RAD women so don’t miss out on getting to really connect with them. 


SiSTAR Calls:


You will have a weekly call with one SiSTAR in the tribe. This will change a couple times during the 4 months so you will have 3 different partners in total that will be assigned. The call can be just about 20mins so each woman gets 10 mins to express what is happening in her world. This is a fun way to bond and AGAIN be WITNESSED, be intentional and stay the course. We will practice conscious listening and communication skills here. Here’s the format for now and later in the program we will go deeper into conscious communication where you can practice and become more graceful with your SiSTAR.


  1. What are you excited, proud of, lit up about this week? What have you been doing well? What are you celebrating? 

  2. What do you feel needs attention or needs to be named? Where do you feel it in your body? Bring the shadow to the light here by naming what feels stuck, stale or stagnate. 

  3. What do you desire for this next week? What’s your intention? 

  4. Open to feedback? If you are open then invite your SiSTAR to give feedback ie…what she felt in her own body as you spoke, things you may not be seeing, let your SiSTAR know if there’s anything specific she can hold you accountable for in the next week.

Weekly Practice: 


Each week you will download a meditation or practice that is to be practiced as much as you want!…but a minimum of 4x a week. This is another ESSENTIAL part of how we re-program our lives. We make time for ourselves…NO MATTER WHAT! 


Self-care seems to be the first thing to come off the plate when the plate gets full. Really, it should never come off the plate as its the one thing that helps sustain us through stressful and busy times! 


These practices are designed to take you to new heights in self-awareness and actualization. They are laying the groundwork for your system to be in a new routine, create new ways of being in the body and re-pattern outdated thinking. The more you practice, the easier it gets! AND…you will experience resistance to doing these…this is when checking in with the FB group helps. Name it…no one is judging but we do want to support you blowing through the block. 

Contemplation Questions:


Along with the video or live call recording, you will receive a written summary that comes with questions to contemplate. Contemplation is an ART. It is the practice of becoming still and dropping in a question that doesn’t need an immediate answer. It is in the digestion of the question that insights come. Contemplation is an ancient Taoist practice where the answers reveal themselves from a place of the heart and not the mind. 


Live Calls:


These will be 2 hours long every other week. This is our sacred circle time. Each week we get to share and ask questions or name what is coming up in our world that needs to be cleared. I will live coach for about an hour and then we will have a workshop on different topics for the last hour. PLEASE make the effort to be on the calls!! Although they will get recorded and posted. 


Recorded Videos:


These will be delivered on the alternate Sundays along with the weeks materials so watch them right away so you have the week to do the practices! 


1 on 1 Session w/ Alana:


Can be used whenever you would like! Book it here under the ‘Existing Client Book Here Button’ 



Yoni Eggs and Crystal Wands- It is recommended to have a yoni egg for some of the practices we will be exploring in this course. At least 2 practices will teach Jade/Yoni Egg techniques. These are trusted and recommended sellers. There are LOTS of fake Jade Egg’s out there so please get it from a trusted company. The quality of the jade is important because you don’t want the stone to be porous and collect bacteria. 

Weekly Links & Meditations







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