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For the man and woman embarking on a journey to divine self-realization…

 A journey of self-discovery, healing, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be devoted to self…

As more and more of us are waking up to an insatiable desire for deeper meaning, connection to spirit, impact, and fulfillment… there needs to be sacred spaces created to honor and facilitate these needs… Welcome to Luminous Warrior… Welcome home.


At times it is necessary that we call in the support we need to UPLevel our lives.


You are open-minded and highly value personal EVOLUTION


You have an interest in exploring the power of BREATHWORK and how to use it in your daily life to heal your body and connect with a deeper, intuitive wisdom. 


You are working towards being a masterful ALCHEMIST OF EMOTION. where all stagnant and unhealthy energy can be released in a sacred, conscious way.


You are ready to create your own reality, desiring to be FREE OF LIMITING EXPECTATIONS AND JUDGEMENTS for good!


You are desiring to be in a beautiful and SUPPORTIVE  CONTAINER with a like-minded soul guide with you all the way.  



For 7 weeks, you will be in a transformational container. Each week you will receive downloadable audio practices co-created with world-renowned musicians/DJ's specially curated for the breathwork in this program, access to the full membership site and content lectures, energy activations, access to the private Facebook group where you directly get support and questions answered by Alana during the week and  2 x private Zoom sessions w/ Alana. 

The Luminous Warrior program will only be taking the beautiful souls who are aligned for this type of work, so please feel into what this program is offering and know that it requires you to go deep into a healing transformation (which can be incredibly confronting for some - even if it is a necessary part of the journey). 


You will be expanding through any blocks that arise and learning how to really get what you desire through your new-found alignment with Spirit and Heart like never before.

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  • BUILD a solid foundation of inner union with your masculine and feminine aspects so you can anchor into the most expansive experiences of conscious creation, love, embodiment and abundance.


  • SAFELY REWIRE any personal and generational patterns and beliefs that have held you back so you can live in your highest expression and create the richest and most vibrant life your heart knows is possible.


  • ACTIVATE a new level of unshakable self-worth that allows you to become a magnet for the most exquisite experiences in all areas including relationships, purpose & prosperity.


  • BECOME masterful at navigating emotional states so you can move through transitions, changes and challenges with ease and grace. 


  • LEARN to lean into (instead of distracting from) these potent messages from spirit and realize more and more that your emotions are the portal to the Divine Source within... 


  • DISCOVER the next layer of your intuitive abilities and begin co-creating with body and soul so you can receive awe-inspiring insights and guidance from your higher self that actualize into your day to day existence.


You require a high level of one on one support. If you do not have support outside of this program to help you with things that may get activated. If you feel you will not be safe in experiencing the intensity of your emotions without one on one support. If you have a severe trauma history and have done little work around it. If you are on heavy medication for any mental diagnosis. If you have ever experienced seizers or have epilepsy, heart disease, or any severe emotional disorder. Not recommended for pregnancy.




This is just a snippet of what will be covered but I wanted to give you a peek. 

WEEK 1: Luminous Love- Reorienting to the Love from which we came

WEEK 2: Return to the Source- Learning how to Self Source and deepen our ability to validate from within instead of looking without. 

WEEK 3: Divine Dark- Healing the past and letting go of Ancestors Wounds 

WEEK 4: Integration (week off) 

WEEK 5: Breath Yourself Clean- Energy Clearing- Sharpening and Trusting your Internal Guidance 

WEEK 6: Holy Union- Findiing Harmonic Resonance between the Masculine and Feminine Qualities Within

WEEK 7: Luminous Warrior- Heeding the call on your Soul Destiney and Purpose


Choose from 2 Levels of Engagement with Payment Plans offered for both!

Level 1 :

All the Luminous features: 


For 7 weeks, you will be in a transformational container. Each week you will receive downloadable audio practices co-created with world-renowned  musicians/DJ's specially curated for the breathwork in this program, access to the full membership site and content lectures, energy activations, access to the private Facebook group where you directly get support and questions answered by Alana during the week AND 2 x personally curated, intuitive healing sessions with Alana. 

Payment plan option is as affordable as $220 a month

Level 2 : UPLevel

All the Luminous Level 1, PLUS

The Uplevel is a special offering that provides maximun 1 on 1 support directly from Alana during the program. You will receive private sessions and an additional audio practice to fully activate your personal transformation. 


**Private sessions have been proven to be powerful and intensely transformative experiences and they are not normally offered outside her private containers. If you are in a place where you know it's time to shift and benefit from personally curated, intuitive sessions - then this might be the choice for you. You have access to discounted sessions in this package that aren't available anywhere else.  


"If you had told me the results this course would have in my life before taking it, I wouldn't have believed it. I would have wanted to, and hoped, but after years of meditation, self-awareness work, etc., the idea of breathwork being the missing piece didn't seem likely to me. I've tried for a lifetime to cope with and strategize around feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, feelings of disconnection with my body and sexuality, anxiety and groundlessness. And while meditation and self-reflection have moved me miles along my path, it wasn't until this course that I realized how those feelings and insecurities held physical space in my body. And it wasn't until taking and completing this course that I realized how intuitive, healing, and loving my body could be around stress and trauma. For the first time in my life, my body feels like an ally. For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm IN my body. And because of that, I have access to releasing these old and outdated ways of being. Emotional pain, stress, guilt and shame have literally disappeared because of this work, and I have a new understanding of wholeness."  JASON-EDUCATOR/WRITER

"For those seeking a spiritual outlet, this is the most accessible and tangible program I've ever been a part of. It's a powerful way to create change and growth. If you're looking for a way to alter your Self and harness unconditional love, this program offers that and much, much, more!" CLAIRE-PILATES TEACHER

"Alana is a powerful transformation goddess! She has a unique and gentle way of helping you release fears that have been stuck in your body and mind for decades. The breathwork program connects your spirit, body, and soul alongside others on a similar journey increasing your desire to break through to the other side with joy and love. I highly recommend this program to people seeking to re-awaken more love, happiness, and joy in their lives!" JAMIE - EXECUTIVE

"Alana has done the work. She has done the deep dive, explored (and continues to explore) her own joy, pain, and humanity, and because of that, she is able to embody the roles of both student and master. She was empathetic, connected and in tune with my needs the whole time, but also skilled enough to bring me to NEW places, to reveal new possibilities, and to help guide ME to my own discoveries and freedom. It's the kind of gift that's impossible to truly repay. I can only hold it with gratitude and, in some small way, share it with others. Say yes to this course, and say yes to the peace and power inside of you." JESSICA

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