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Women's 4 Day Activation Retreat

Glastonbury, England 

May 17-20th, 2019

It's time to take a journey...a journey to the heart of the Divine Feminine, a journey to the origins of a lineage that worshiped the Earth Mother as SACRED, a journey to connect with the deepest part of your authentic nature. 



The town of Glastonbury is recognized as the mythical lost Isle of Avalon, where Priestess's reined and the Feminine way was worshiped as religion. Many claim this land to be an energy vortex and the heart chakra of the world.


We will gather with a community of fellow SiSTARS on the Full Moon in May to create magic in this portal! A luxurious country home nearby serves as our container to activate the springtime energy and guide you to connect to your inner Enchantress.



*taxes and fees included in price








The accommodation is in a beautifully restored, classic countryside home and all rooms are double occupancy w/ the exception of one single room with a twin bed. A couple of the rooms have queen beds that will be if you are coming w/ a friend or family member and don't mind being cozy with them for a few nights then let us know! The same rate applies to all rooming options. 

Sisterhood of the Rose:

Glastonbury Retreat

  • Accommodations in luxury countryside mansion Friday through Monday

  • Touring the Sacred Sites in the Lost land of Avalon (Glastonbury)- The Chalice Well, Tor, The White Spring, Wearyall Hill, The Abby…

  • Guided History of Sacred Site by Divine Masculine Space Holder

  • 3 Delicious, healthy Dinners and light breakfast (2 lunches in town are for you to choose and pay on your own)  

  • Daily Guided Practices and Breathwork Ceremonies w/ Alana

  • Full Moon Ritual 

  • Womb Healing w/ Eli

  • An Intimate Tribe of Women That Recognizes You, Supports You AND Holds You Through The Journey 

  • Van Pick up/Drop off from London- Just one location, you will need to get to/from there in central London if needed


Cancelation Policy: Deposit is Non-Refundable after 90 days prior to the retreat. 60 days or more prior 75% of Full Price will be refunded. 60-30 days prior 20% of Full Price will be refunded. After 30 days Full Price of the retreat is Non-Refundable 

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