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8 Days of Transformational Travel 
Bali, Indonesia 
Sept 30-Oct 7th, 2023

This is a Transformational Training to access the Goddess Nature withIN

taking place on the Sacred Island Vortex of Bali

We all reach a time when we hear the call for something more: a deeper urge to transcend the old version of ourselves and get to know the luminescent, spirit warrior underneath—the one who is free, wild, intuitive, and fiercely loving. 


Join this extraordinary journey to uncover more of who you are and who you are meant to be in a deeply healing and expansive week with a community of activated SiSTARS. The magic and power of the island bring us into harmonic resonance with cycles of nature and ancient spiritual traditions as we explore the power of sacred Feminine rituals and practices. 

We will take a spiritual and healing pilgrimage through 3 power spots on the island starting at the crystalline ocean of Uluwatu, then into the vibrant and very potent healing centers of Ubud. After that, we will journey deep in the most pristine and clear mountain energy in Batu Karu...a hidden gem.


You will get a very unique and private tour of Bali as Alana has been working with the island energy as her home for years and is an officially inaugurated Priestess of the Balinese Hindu lineage. You will have special access to wisdom keepers, temples, and experiences that are not usually on offer unless you are a local.  

Registration opening Dec 20th


  • Connecting your quantum field to the mystical nature of the sacred lay lines and temples of Bali to receive the codes of your medicine so that you step more fully into your power as an impact-driven soul. ​

  • Breathing through timelines to transcend old stuck energy and toxic programs that have kept you enslaved to conformity so you are empowered to be the Creatrix of your new reality.​

  • Activating Dormant Kundalini energy for awakening the true essence of the Divine Feminine as you heal your relationship w/ the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within for a massive paradigm shift in your most intimate relationships.​

  • Connecting to ancestral wisdom to improve your Intuition and clear out the connections to limiting beliefs taken on from generations of your ancestry. 

  • ​Dancing into ecstatic trance states of Joy and Divine Abundance so that your nervous system heals, rewires, and sustains higher frequency states. 


  • ​Embodying the highest versions of the Goddess archetype to tune into the fullness of your personal power and sexy sovereignty

  • ​Creating a lifelong, soul-aligned Tribe of amazing, beautiful SiSTARS that will have your back, serve and support your awakening

  •  Plus, sacred temple visits, water purification ceremonies, healings with my Balinese High Priest and Mystics, turquoise ocean swims, sound healing inside of Pyramids, hot springs, traditional massages &  nature that you have only dreamed of

  • Transformational/Bio-Dynamic Breathwork

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Shamanic Practices- removing ancestral blocks

  • Goddess Constellation-Receiving Information from Source

  • Psycho-Spiritual Therapeutic Wisdom

  • Ecstatic Dance/Embodiment Practices  



  • 7 Nights Accommodations at 3 eco-luxury restorts across the island- Uluwatu, Ubud and Batu Karu  

  • 3 Healthy meals a day made w/ local organic produce

  • Daily Transformational Program and Practices guided by Alana- Breathwork Ceremonies, Kundalini, Spiritual Psychology, Tantric and Taoist Meditations, Womb Healing, Dance, Inquiry Circles, Shamanic Practices, Magic Manifestation Practices

  • Ceremony with High Priest and Priestess 

  • All Excursions including Pyramids of Chi sound healing, temple ceremonies, water purification, healers, Lumerian stone healing chamber

  • Relaxation, Massage, Nourishment, and Ocean and Jungle Time 

  • Magic and Pleasure! 

  • Taxes and Fees

  • Not Included: Airfare, transportation to/from the retreat center


"I've recently just attended the Bali Moon Sisters retreat and do not have the words to describe the experiences I've just had. The meditations, the Breathwork, the discussions, the exploration of Bali, everything blasted open my heart and encouraged me to dive head first into facing my shadows and accepting and loving all that I am. My heart has never felt so open, the love and support I felt during the retreat from Alana and the other participants, provided a beautiful space to feel comfortable to go deep into the abyss of my soul, and truly reflect on what I saw.  I am forever changed and so grateful for Alana leading me through it all."

- Alexa Belmont

“I recently attended Alana’s retreat in the magical world of Bali and I cannot say enough about the experience.  Her teachings and guidance took me to the next level and then to the one above that!  Through mediation, Breathwork, kundalini yoga practices, once in a lifetime guided tours of sacred spots in Bali, curated boutique hotels with unbelievable meals all combined with a group of women who I didn’t know upon arrival and are now forever friends, I highly recommend Alana’s retreats from beginning to end.  For anyone seeking true transformation in their life, you will not be disappointed with what Alana and her team provide.”

- Kim Hicks 

Alana is a gifted facilitator in bringing you back into your feminine truth. She empowers you to shed old stories, reconnect with your essence, prioritize self-care and self-love through movement, breath work, and beautiful transformational healing ceremonies. If you’re reading this testimonial you are already at a place of knowing what you need. Listen to that voice and take the leap with Alana. You won’t regret it. "

- Christy Wynne

Alana Warlop Galactic Goddess Retreat


Deposit to save your spot! 

*taxes and fees included in the price



TRAVEL: Bali is one day ahead of the US and half a day ahead of EUR so please plan accordingly when booking flights! You will also have some time with jet lag so please give yourself ample time to land and adjust on both ends of the trip. We have plenty of recommendations for places to stay before the retreat to have a soft landing and adjust to the time zone. We will be offering an additional integration day at Batu Karu that includes a trip to waterfall/hot spring and massage for $150. I highly recommend leaving time at the end of the trip to integrate before a long flight. It can be hard on the nervous system to go from such a big experience into travel mode without some rest and proper grounding. 

Cancellation Policy: Deposit is Non-Refundable. 60 days or less prior 33% of Full Price will be refunded. 60-45 days prior 15% of Full Price will be refunded. After 45 days Full Price of the retreat is Non-Refundable 


The situation in your country and ours regarding travel and health regulations can change daily, so please refer to official government communications and reputable news sources.


It is our highest priority to protect and respect each other’s personal safety. We will be monitoring the situation attentively and taking every precaution to keep the participants safe. 

If you are extremely concerned about CoVid exposure and do not feel comfortable in proximity with other people, this might not be the best time for you to participate in an in-person retreat.

We will be updating you on what is necessary for travel precautions as we get closer to the date of the retreat. 

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