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It’s Time to be Fully Awake and Radiantly Alive


A Mantra to Call Yourself Back Home and remind you of the Power of your Soul’s Light. 

I Call on the Light Within

I Call on the Light Within

I Call on the Light Within


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Join Alana Warlop for:


June 21 - 27, 2024
6 Days of Transformational Travel

This is a Transformational Training for the Modern Day Priestess
taking place on the Sacred Isle of Samothraki, Greece



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About Alana

Alana Warlop is a galactic nomad and traveling medicine woman who facilitates healing through her work as a spiritual psychotherapist, trauma specialist, intuitive and transformational coach. Her passion is to teach the art of embodiment and devotion to Self and Spirit through powerful healing practices. 


Being Galactic and Grounded she will bring in the beautiful light of ascension working with spirit, the unseen realm, the intelligence of your intuition blended with a healthy dose of nerdy emotional bio-hacking, somatic trauma release, transpersonal psychology and energy mastery techniques.

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Luminous Warrior

  • 7-week Virtual Breathwork Immersion

  • For the Ones embarking on a journey to divine self-realization…

  • A journey of self-discovery, healing, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be devoted to self through the mind-altering practice of breathwork

  • Self-Guided Program for Men and Women that includes private sessions w/ Alana 

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Radiance Rising

  • 5-month Women’s Coaching and Healing Intensive

  • This program is a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to healing, transforming and RISING

  • Group Program for Women

  • Next Round Starts
    JANUARY 2024

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MysticAL Mama

  • 5-month Personal Coaching and Mentoring 

  • For the woman who is coming into a deeper knowing of her power and needs a supportive bridge and guidance to let the old version go and explore who she is on the other side.

  • 1 on 1 Personal Coaching Program for Women

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Galactic Goddess Retreats

  • For the woman who is seeking Transformational Travel and a Healing journey of the Soul on Sacred Lands around the world with other amazing SiStars! 

  • Women’s Transformational Ceremonies and Retreats

  • Next Retreat:
    June 21 - 27, 2024



Awakening The Dragon:

Online Workshop

How do we raise our vibration and move into deeper action around our own healing? 


We are coming  into a new era and the year of the Dragon is upon us. This year is ripe for growth, progress and abundance... if we can use the energy the right way. 


During this 2-hour window of wonder we will activate and assimilate the evolutionary energy that will propel you into right alignment so that you can gracefully ride the Dragon of your dreams in 2024.

Prepare a private and sacred space to move, breathe and meditate in. Recording will be provided if you cannot attend live.

This is a gifted workshop from my heart to yours …please use this as a resource when needed and reach out if you have questions. 


Please refrain from participating in the breathwork portion if you require a high level of one on one support. If you do not have support outside of this workshop to help you with things that may get activated. If you feel you will not be safe in experiencing the intensity of your emotions without one on one support. If you have a severe trauma history and have done little work around it. If you are on heavy medication for any mental diagnosis. If you have ever experienced seizers or have epilepsy, heart disease, or any severe emotional disorder. Not recommended for pregnancy.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level, expand and step into your light?

Book a discovery call with me now...


“As someone who has been in countless women’s groups, programs, and healing circles, it is rare for me to find a space that fully encompasses all the tools, resources, and deep support needed in healing trauma, unworthiness, and fear of being seen and head. Alana’s space has been the most exquisite and magical experience I’ve had in a women's group setting. A rare gem, indeed, Alana holds exquisite, sacred space for other women to be seen, heard, and supported in their awakening journey. With a velvety, angelic, and wise voice, there is such a resonant energy in the circles that Alana holds space for. As if from some ancient mystery school, Alana shares the ‘secret’ teachings that are really rediscovered truths from ascended masters and goddesses of the past. I have chills as I write this. I went from feeling highly anxious and fearful almost daily, to now feeling inner peace, confidence, trusting myself and allowing my heart to finally open after being closed for the vast majority of my life. Radiance Rising was one of the most impactful experiences of my life."


“I was looking for the next step in my healing journey and because of Alana, I found it. With Alana and her commitment to my healing experience through Luminous Warrior, I was able to feel safe again. Something I haven't felt since, well ever. She held space for me while I processed through years of trauma and allowed me to feel and release everything I had been avoiding for most of my life. In this one program and with Alana's help I was able to accelerate my healing journey by 10+ years. I always felt safe, seen, held, honored, and special. The Luminous Warrior program has been one of the best investments of time and the healing effects just keep on compounding even AFTER the program is finished. If you want a simple yet extremely effective healing and expansive program, join Luminous Warrior. If you want to feel supported, nurtured, safe, and whole again, join Luminous Warrior. If you want to work with a healing master who is beautiful inside and out, then work with Alana. She truly changes people's lives and my testimony is a pure and bright example of that. Thank you Alana, from the depth of my heart and soul. I wish everyone would have the chance to experience the powers of you and Luminous Warrior! All my love and admiration"


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