Women's Healing and Coaching Intensive

Starts Jan 20th, 2019



YOU are a Divine Being 

YOU are the Master of Your Domain

YOU are the Creatrix of a New World

YOU are Beautiful, Bountiful and Blissful 

YOU are a Sensual Seductress of Spirit

YOU Easefully Magnetize the Life YOU Desire


YOU are Radiantly Alive…


Yes…You must begin with the relationship that you have with yourself! The outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  How connected and self-aware are you, really? What patterns are stuck on repeat even though you seem to know what they are? Do you have trouble setting boundaries and making your self care a priority? What role does shame/guilt play in the way you feel about yourself, sexuality and your body? Are you yearning for a deeper connection to your spirit and purpose? Are you the one who occasionally goes to a workshop or reads spiritual books and “gets it” but half-heartedly integrates this into a consistent lifestyle that supports you at the core? Are you ready for next level LOVE relationships? 


True Radiance comes from an unwavering devotion to the Divine within. A woman who owns her connection to the sacred and the mundane. She is a conduit between the two and not only tunes into things but also calls things in. She knows how to come home to her Soul Work while also having a busy life. She is the Modern-day Priestess. 


The modern day mystical woman understands the power of her sensual/life energy to create and harness the love she desires.


This program is a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to healing, transforming and RISING. A virtual circle of women guided by and dedicated to each others highest alignment. Together, we go through a discovery process that gives you the tools to unveil that which is yearning to be birthed within.

Program Modules

The Blueprint of Love

Surprisingly, most of us don't feel safe and secure at the core of our being and body. Love is the healing component in everything and if you have self-love, I mean, consistent, unconditional love of self... you can become self-actualized.
All wounding comes from a lack of love. Therefore, ALL transformation happens when we source from a foundation of love. Transformation never bears real fruit if you feel like something is wrong with you or something about you needs to be fixed. Evolution comes from a place of self love. You have to hold a deep space of love for yourself. In this module, You will cultivate a RADICAL commitment to loving all of your humanity...even the parts that we shame, blame and judge. You will reconfigure your foundation back to its original blueprint of Divine Source Love!

Program Container: In This 4 1/2 Month Long Program You Will Experience

  • Weekly Group Training Videos 

  • Live Q&A's with Coaching 2x a Month

  • Weekly Practices w/ Recorded Meditations and Breathworks

  • Private FaceBook Group Community Interaction w/ Live Coaching 

  • In-Person 4-day Radiance Retreat (Location TBA)

  • 1 75-min Private Session with Alana

  • An Intimate Tribe of Women That Recognizes You, Supports You AND Holds You Accountable Through The Journey 

  • 2 Weeks Throughout The Program Will Be Used For Integration and Break

  • Early Bird Special Rate Before Nov 1st

  • Bounus of 1 75-min Private Session When Enrolled By Nov 15th, 2018