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You are ready for the UPlevel NOW? Do you want to do this in a streamlined, action orientated yet FEMININE way??… beautifully supported with Alana as your Galactic Guide around the Yoniverse?

Are you ready for a radical UPgrade in your relationships, love life and purpose?


At times it is necessary that we call in the support we need to UPLevel our lives. This 1 on 1 program is designed to take you to the next level and then the one beyond that…the one you didn’t know existed! 


Are you looking to...



Understand how to work with what your emotions are trying to tell you and move any stuck energy out of your body in a sacred, conscious way. 


End the cycle of feeling crazy, confused or controlled by your feelings.


Connect deeply to your intuition and learn to trust yourself so you can feel confident and courageous in your life. 


Learn to live in a place of ultimate connection and luscious love for yourself, no matter what is happening (or not happening) in your life?


Create deeper, more intimate, and CONSCIOUS relationships?



How This Works...


For 3 months, you will be in a transformational container. I will be your guide, support team and mentor with weekly personalized sessions on Zoom, downloadable audio and video practices, and access through What’s App messages for anything that arises outside session. 



You will expand through any block and learn how to really get what you desire from a place aligned with Spirit and Heart like never before. 



*By Application Only*

VIP MYSTIC MAMA Personal Program