module 1:the blueprint of love

Week Four


Surprisingly, most of us don't feel safe and secure at the core of our being and body. Love is the healing component in everything and if you have self-love, I mean, consistent, unconditional love of self... you can become self-actualized.

All wounding comes from a lack of love. Therefore, ALL transformation happens when we source from a foundation of love. Transformation never bears real fruit if you feel like something is wrong with you or something about you needs to be fixed. Evolution comes from a place of self love. You have to hold a deep space of love for yourself. In this module, You will cultivate a RADICAL commitment to loving all of your humanity...even the parts that we shame, blame and judge. You will reconfigure your foundation back to its original blueprint of Divine Source Love!

Our human destiny is about the RETURN to the LOVE from which we came. Every cell in our body was birthed from this Divine Source of Love. We are not separate from anything. We are energy, we are Infinite, we are connected. We are a matrix of interconnectedness. We are ancient and cosmic all in this ONE moment. It is the essential blueprint of our existence. 


I am no ONE single thing. I am a mirror of ALL energies in a single form. 


Most of our life is spent waking up to this alternative TRUTH. We have been convinced otherwise. On top of our base blueprint of love, there have been imprints of what love is NOT left on our psyche. We have learned that we are separate from the flow of Love at such a young age that we have forgotten our INNATE GOODNESS. Well, it’s time to shift that but we have to trudge through a lot of unconscious programming to get there. And the problem with the unconscious is that we don’t actually see it….until we do! 


We will be taking a journey through the unconscious and the conscious blocks to create all you desire in your life….very simply because when you feel connected to this ONENESS and SOURCE OF LOVE…you don’t need much, things flow with ease, you trust without anxiety or depression, you don’t ever question yourself and you stop playing small. You realize that there is no fear and nothing to lose in being ALL you were meant to be. 


Sounds great…now…how do we do that?? First, we learn how to connect with the wisdom within…your BODY, HEART, and INTUITION. We are going to learn how to decipher what real truth is vs. the millions of stories and programs you have taken in that make you feel unsafe. 


Most women I have worked with have to spend time coming to trust their bodies intuition again. Women are intuitive beings…it’s our superpower! And yes, EVERYONE is intuitive. The clearer you are in your body/mind, the stronger it gets. We have put so much value on our intellect…collecting and manipulating knowledge endlessly so that we become “successful” in the eyes of our family, society, culture. We have filled our heads with prescribed ideas that create the way we think which has repressed the ability to be truly intelligent or to even know what intuition is! 


Your true INTELLIGENCE is waiting to emerge. Intelligence has nothing to do with intellect. The more intellectual you are, the less intelligence you use. Your intelligence is stunning, vibrant and natural. Your natural intelligence is to be found in the way you move your limbs, in the brightness of your eyes and in the freedom of your self-expression. It is the reservoir for your future genius. 


Intellect is not inherently bad either. It’s a wonderful quality when used correctly in the service of innate intelligence. We need to start to see where our intellect doesn’t allow us to know what is right for us…we will determine the difference between “I think…” and “I feel…”. Intellect is of the mind “I think” and Intelligence is of the heart “I feel”. We come to know our own TRUTH and then the hard part….we have to follow it! How many times a day do you catch yourself saying “I think…” and can you shift into “I feel”? Just the shift in words will change the energetic quality inside your body. Words are POWERFUL and they shape our experience. The more tuned in to our words we become, the more we can start to see where they need to shift in order to shape our experience in a more empowering direction. Remember WORDS CAST SPELLS so watch what you say. They lift or lower your frequency! 




Understanding the felt sense is the first principal in becoming a master of your own domain. It is a combination of emotion, awareness, intuitiveness and embodiment. The felt sense is the embodiment (bringing awareness inside the body) of one’s ever-changing sensory/energetic/emotional landscape. The felt sense moves our focus from actions and things happening outside us in the world to the qualities of our present, internal experience (e.g. textures, colors, sensations). Felt sense can be found in a subtle, mostly unrecognized zone of experiencing inside us, a kind of border zone between our conscious and unconscious. It’s a place where body and mind are not separate. They are both bodily experiences and meaningful. They embody the unique reality of our individual lives in ways that can’t yet be put into words. 


When we understand the felt sense, we start to understand how the body communicates all that it needs to heal. This make take some time at first but eventually, you can tune into the felt sense while still going about your day.  We develop the ability to hold DUEL ATTENTION and focus on the sensations within as well as the outer world all the time. Yes…this is possible!  


The more you can name your sensations accurately, the more seen and felt they become. Like uncovering a part of you that has been out of sight or reach. With the sensations may come a sense of a past memory, taste. color, smell, emotion. The more focus you give, the more it will reveal. AND, remember that the body will only show you what it is ready to expose. We aren’t digging for answers to satisfy our anxious mind! We are learning the process of receptive openness, honoring and being grateful for that which arises and wishes to be cleared. 


This may not feel natural at first BUT We are re-learning the feminine way of being with and in the body!


Throughout this week, you will explore and practice what it is to be in the Felt Sense through our guided meditation. Here is a list that will help you describe your sensations with more detail and accuracy. 


Examples of Qualities of the Felt Sense:

  1. feeling/sensation

    1. pressure – even, uneven, supportive feeling, crushed feeling, cutting off circulation

    2. air current – gentle, cool, warm, from right, from left, stimulating, rush, like a feather, like mist

    3. tension – solid, dense, warm, cold, inflamed, protective, constricting, angry, sad

    4. pain – ache, sharp, twinge, slight, stabbing

    5. tingling – pricks, vibration, tickling, numb

    6. itch – mild itch, angry itch, irritating itch, moving itch, subtle itch, small itch, large area of itching

  1. temperature – warm, hot, burning, cool, cold, clammy, chills, icy, frozen, like: hearth, oven, fire, sunshine, baked bread, snow, stone, shade

  2. size – small, large

  3. shape – flat, circle, blob, like a mountain

  4. weight – light, heavy

  5. motion – circular, erratic, straight line

  6. speed – fast, slow, still

  7. texture – rough, wood, stone, sandpaper, smooth, silk

  8. element – fire, air, earth, water, wood

  9. color – gray, blue, orange etc.

  10. mood/emotion sinking, pulling in, open, closed, uplifting, sunny day, dark cloud, roiling

  11. sound – buzzing, singing

  12. taste – sour, bitter, sweet

  13. smell – pungent, sweet, like rain, like leaves

  14. absence/nothingness – blank, empty

What are you doing when you feel truly connected in your body? Ie Dance, Sex, Meditation, Hiking

What is the sensation of JOY? 

How much time do you spend fully inhabiting in your body...physically and energetically? What’s the difference? 

What stops you from being in your body? Where have you gone NUMB? When do you disassociate or “go away”?


When do you become hyper-vigilant?