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Queens are abundant AF. In fact, a QUEEN supersedes abundance…she is OPULENT. 


Opulence is luxuriousness, sumptuousness, lavishness, richness, lushness, luxury, luxuriance, splendor, magnificence, grader, splendidness, grandiosity and fanciness! 


“Opulence is the law of the universe, an abundant supply for every need if nothing is put in the way of its coming” - Ralph Waldo Trine


Well, that’s the catch…”if nothing is put in the way of its coming” So…let’s work on that cause its time to embody your Opulent Temple! 


Money Mindset


What were you taught about money? Have you weeded out what limits your limitlessness when it comes to prosperity? 


What was your parent's relationship to money? Scarcity? Do you have to work HARD to earn it?

I’ll give you money INSTEAD of attention? You are the reason we have no money?

You are a burden and we can’t enjoy things because we sacrifice for you so much?

Rich people are assholes? Rich people misuse power? Dirty Money?

Not spiritual or humble to be wealthy? You have to hide your wealth because people will use you if they know?

We don’t talk about it? You’re worthless as a person if you aren’t successful with money?

Wealthy people are crooks and therefore, bad? Being poor is indecent/shameful?

Poor people are lazy or uneducated if they wanted money…they should get a better job?

Save every penny? Money doesn’t grow on trees?

You have to work HARD to have what you want ie life can’t be in flow and easy?

There’s never enough? Money IS power? We have a lot so you shouldn’t have any issues?

Money will take away all your problems? 


Take a look at what beliefs about money from your family and culture you have swallowed whole. Which ones are you still perpetuating?  




If you think you are worth it, then you are.

Worth is essential in shifting your relationship with prosperity in life. Looking at and holding the parts of you that feel limited and confined by money will help you grow your awareness around the parts of you that just straight up learned that they weren’t worth it. 


This is an excellent place to look at where our deepest insecurities lie. The insecurities that come up around worthiness will most likely directly correlate to how you view and use money. 


So many times we buy something or invest in something because it was a deal or on sale or we ask someone to lower their prices just for us. This screams...I don’t deserve top value and it also passes a message to aren’t worth that much because I don’t think I’m worth that much. 


You are expensive! Act like it. Try this statement on and see how it feels? 


Words cast Spells. 


Watch what you say…. 


The language you use, as well as what you tell yourself and others, shapes your reality. 


Are you telling stories of scarcity or stories of abundance? Do you say things like “I’m so broke right now.” “See, this always happens to me.” “I would IF I had the money” “There isn’t enough time or money for me to…” “I should have jumped on that idea, deal, stock…blah blah and now it's too late. I missed the boat.” “I don’t know enough to…”


Your words cast spells and become your reality. What stories are you reinforcing and how can you re-frame so the energy is flowing and not being stopped? 

Money has nothing to do with your FEELINGS. 


Is money hardwired with other qualities instead of them being two distinct energies? 


This is one of our biggest holding patterns when it comes to money.


We have linked money with the ability to do or not do what we want in life. We linked money with different qualities according to what cultural and familial messages we saw. 

Like when you think of having money, are really imagining FREEDOM or SUCCESS or RECOGNITION? What does success feel like and how is that different from money? 


Money is an inanimate representation of energy…it flows in and out easily when not blocked. 


It has nothing to do with how you experience the FEELING of freedom, success, love, adventure, relief. Money does not bring you relief…only self-acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, and love can do that! 


Fear or Love, it’s your choice. 


In essence, Are you making choices out of fear or love? There is no in-between, you are either in one or the other. 


Fear indicates that you feel like there isn’t enough, essentially that you can’t/won’t survive. 


Love indicates security and the belief that there is an endless flow of abundance and there is always more than enough to go around. 


Remember, Security is just a FEELING, no thing can “give” it to you...especially not an inanimate object.  It’s the feeling of being safe inside your own body. 


Money goes where Intention flows


Yup, whatever you focus on increases and expands. It’s a fact.


Do you see what you DON’T have or what you DO have…be honest?


You have to stop seeing what you are missing, lacking, not enoughing…your perfectionism and your worry stops the flow of abundance in your life because it sees the void and then blows the void up until it swallows you whole! 


Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude for what you already have is the medicine.


See the beauty in the simple, the joy in the mundane, the pleasure in the way your hair smells. See all the ways you ARE supported and pulling in what you desire even if at a small level. LEARN TO CELEBRATE YOURSELF EVERYDAY.


It’s a choice that won’t always be easy to make but the first step is being AWARE of your thoughts. 


Victimhood and Blame are POOR behavior


These guys are acts of DISEMPOWERMENT. When we blame or feel like a victim we have given our power away and this will create a fear/scarcity problem, not an abundant solution.


Be open to exploring where you might feel powerless or angry or holding a grudge…then LOVE the part of you that was hurt and forgive.


Do you blame someone for your money issues? Partner, parents, the government, the system? You are 100% responsible for the issues and the prosperity in your life...take credit both ways….


Action Janet Jackson!


Take Action. If your dream is to be sippin mocktails on a mermaid beach then grab a cacao drink and flounder around in an Epsom salts bath. You get me? 


Make small steps towards FEELING the way you want to feel. The beach is just a symbolic representation of not having any responsibilities, actually getting to replenish, relief from stress, fun, play.


SO, how can you bring in those qualities on a small level each day? 10mins in the bath will create the feeling you want which puts you in the vibration of what you desire and this is what attracts MORE of the same energy.


You need to be in the vibration as LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. Did you ever notice that when having awesome sex after a dry spell, all of a sudden it’s raining men (or women!)? 


Taking action is the quickest way to manifest your desires. Also, doing the opposite behavior of what is creating the block will rock your world into flow again. 


Say, I was scared to death of doing a FB Live (yup..true story) I never thought I would do one…absolute horror came up and I thought I would puke at the thought of being judged by the masses OR no one would think it was worth watching cause… what do I have to say anyway??


…then with the support (more like brute force) of 3 badass women (all coaches) telling me that I was doing one right there and right now after I expressed this fear to them…I would have never gotten over speaking up on social media, finding my voice as a professional and marketing my work and love to the world. PS…I got over 4,000 views on that Live…not that it mattered but it showed me the power of opposite action. 


If there is FEAR then you know where to go….dive in. You have found the edge of your comfort zone. It’s going to be uncomfortable to push it out but not more uncomfortable than staying the same. 


Also, Have people in your life that care enough to push you to your edge or pay’s worth it cause you probably won’t do it yourself...we are masters at hiding and quite frankly...we just can’t see our own blind spots! 


Money BFF 


What if you treated money like your best friend. You don’t doubt that your best friend loves you and will support you when you call on it. 


You don’t get needy when your best friend isn’t with you all the time. You know that when your BFF is not with you, they are probably out playing with someone else and you wish them well knowing that they will return.


A BFF is divinely loyal and will have your back. You TRUST your BFF. 


The more you see money with love and gratitude, the more the energy of money will want to play with you.


Everytime you get to do something cool, or buy food, or get to pay rent...say "thank you" to your money BFF! Thank you money for these things I get to experience in iife. 


What would it take…???


Affirmations will help guide you to the energy of what you desire. Affirmations are not just sayings but a way to stimulate feelings inside you that resonate with a higher vibrational state. 


Make a list of any fears that you are having in regards to a particular problem or about life, in general, that may be coming from a scarcity mentality.


Write down what you think is going to happen from your voice of fear and scarcity.


Then, write down the opposite of what your fears are or what you deeply desire. Use the second list as a jumping off point for your own personal list of daily affirmations. Then make them even bigger, juicier, and dreamier!


The more the affirmations or mantras bring you into a state of loveliness, the better. 


Using a question ie “What would it take…for me to be the keynote speaker at the Wise Women Festival?” Or a statement of openness and curiosity like “I wonder how…I got to be the keynote speaker at this amazing event??” You say it like it’s happened or happening now. So, you put it in the present time and then the unconscious mind gets stimulated to find a solution or to make it happen. This is the new science on the art of manifesting! 


Then let it go and STAY OPEN…it may show up in ways you didn’t expect. So, never focus on wanting one fixed outcome…you will close to the magical possibilities of it happening in ways better than you imagined. It makes the impossible, possible when you are flexible and open to any and all solutions.  


What would it take to expand into greater states of Opulence, Success, Support, and Love as I inspire others to do the same?  


Play this on repeat 30 times a day in your head! If you are having negative thoughts, try repeating one of your mantras and you will eventually shift! The more you repeat a mantra the easier the body will recognize it and go into the feeling you desire. IE...the more you do it, the faster it works. 

Contemplation Q’s:

Do your beliefs around money make you feel light or heavy: joy or stress?

What programs are you perpetuating that are keeping you at the level you are at with your prosperity?

What would it take to receive at a whole new level? What does your Opulent Temple FEEL like?