Module 4: Queen of RadiancE

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Spiritual Sovereignty



Sovereignty means to possess supreme or ultimate power. It is usually a concept that refers to ruling bodies of government but here we look at what it is to be emotionally and spiritually sovereign. 


It is one of the most valuable concepts that precede the efforts of the path of Self-Mastery. It does not, however, affirm an individual’s superiority about another being, but reinforces your right to have your experiences and to consciously limit the interference of others into your reality, both internal and external.


First of all, it means liberation, freedom. A state of emotional sovereignty is obtained when you recognize, both intellectually and emotionally, that you are the total creator of your reality and have sole responsibility for yourself. 


To be the master of your domain…you are to take 100% responsibility for your experiences…all of them.


There is NO victimhood in sovereignty.


If you hit someone in your car, you would get out and say I’m 100% responsible for this and if a car hit you from behind you would get out and say I’m 100% responsible for attracting this experience. Now, how can we invest 100% in the solution…you absolve blame.


Blame is not a concept that actually exists in higher realms. We simply attract or repel experiences for our growth. 


When you give up your power to another person or an institution to keep you in line, you have given up your sovereignty. 


It is the time when we realize that no system, teacher, religion or law knows more than we do about how to be. To be spiritually sovereign we become educated by SOURCE, by the Divine Goddess Principal.


Our integrity, inner guidance, and devotion to soul purpose supersede what others may try to impose on you. Yup, it’s radical to think that you may know best and it allows you to stop looking for validation outside yourself and it certainly stops the cycle of victimhood. 


When you are angry at someone or something be it a person, institution, system of government etc…, it’s because you have given them power over you, you have made them an authority. That means that THEY get to determine if you are doing a good job or getting it right. Then we feel disempowered which leads to anger.


When we don’t look at and own our own anger, we give up our personal sovereignty. Anger is a red flag that you need to take back your ability to self-govern your emotions, spirit, and life!  


Being spiritually sovereign means only one thing - that you are free of the illusion of being something that you are not.


When you are spiritually sovereign, you remember that YOU ARE GODDESS.


You know that Goddess is your innermost SELF, the ONENESS of it all, the LOVE of all things….and it’s not the roles that you play or your fabricated ego masks. You deeply know that the reason you are here on this Earth is to embody the life of your SOUL. You are just here to give voice and creative expression to your unique flow of consciousness. 


This is a self-governing principal. It’s in these deepest states of trust that you clear yourself of the unconscious conditioning…that you will see the way with clarity. Your way may be very different than anyone else’s so we don’t put too much meaning on other’s way of being as superior to ours. This can happen a lot in the spiritual and normal world as many get manipulated or coerced into thinking someone else knows best….even if they are a respected teacher and guide…what they are saying might not be right for you. 


We always need to check IN and ask ourselves if the message RESONATES before we take it in as Truth.


A resonance will become clearer the more your unconscious is cleared out with meditation and self-knowledge. Our body recognizes Truth as a light and relaxed feeling in the body. 


When we awaken to our spiritual and emotional sovereign we start to embrace concepts like majesty, authorship, freedom, autonomy and power at a higher frequency. 


Majesty is the greatness and grandeur that your Soul experiences all the time. You will feel that you are living majestically, when you are absolutely aware of Who You Are - when there is no doubt in your mind about the love and well-being that is yours by birthright.


Autonomy - Being autonomous is another aspect of living as the New You. When you are spiritually autonomous, you are not independent of God, but you ARE Self-governing. Spiritual autonomy means that God, acting as your innermost Self, has empowered you to live your life as you will. Because God is the ultimate authority in your life, you won't allow others to control you, and this frees you to experience life in any way that you choose.


Authorship - As the New You, you are going to realize that you are the author of your own life. God has vested you with the authority to create your life experiences according to the thoughts and beliefs that you hold in your mind. You will see that God supports you in this, by molding the Universe around you in order to provide you with the experiences that you have requested.


Because you are aware of the potency of your thoughts, you are vigilant for the truth. You do not allow any doubts or misbeliefs about who you are, or your place in the world to enter into your mind. You choose to experience the Truth About You, and nothing more. You know that by living this Truth, you will have the greatest opportunity to experience the joy and fullness of your Being.


Power - Power is another attribute of the Soul-centered you. But this is not power as the world knows it. The New You is not interested in forcing its way upon the world, because power has nothing to do with dominating or manipulating others. Real power is the ability to create. It's as simple as that.


The New You recognizes that turning essence into substance by using the creative power of the mind, is the greatest game in town. It's the game you were born to play. It also knows that any other use of your talents would lead you to boredom and stagnation.


Freedom - Sovereignty gives you the freedom to live your life right now. Right here and now, you can enjoy the fact that you, as your Soul, are having a marvelous human experience. The New You is anchored in this awareness. As the New You, you can walk into situations that would have shaken you in the past, and remain calm and unperturbed. You are fearless, yet free - and responsive to love in a way that is appropriate for each moment.


Unity Makes Sovereignty Work


It is important to remember that your sovereignty does not separate you from others. This would be impossible to do. Every person shares the Life of Goddess with you, and all are free to live as they choose, just as you are.


You are independent in choice but interdependent in Life. When you understand this, you will recognize that your sovereignty functions only within the embrace of God's Unity, and then you will stop creating so many problems for yourself.


So, it’s important to take a look at what and who has influence over you…mostly in the unconscious, negative way but in the positive light too. Be mindful of how you feel in someones presence. 


On a practical level…this means we start clearing out the clutter.


The external and internal distractions. We may choose to drop activities and commitments that drain us more than they fulfill us. We start clearing things out, both literally and figuratively. We first de-clutter our calendar and our closets. We throw out everything that doesn't reflect who we are. We don't always know why we're doing this; we just feel a compulsive need to create more space and breathing room.


And, our energy system requires constant cleansing in order for it to be balanced and to keep us functioning properly. We can start to clear ourselves out to see more clearly what is ours as opposed to what is not. This goes for energy, belief systems, thoughts, words, actions, and fears.


To know what is ours is to know thyself…then we can get more clarity on what we want to be responsible for changing and what we can hand back to the universe. 


Yogi Bjahan says that women are 16 times more powerful and intuitive than men, and her inborn capacity to excel is 16 times more than a man’s. And that also means that women can be 16 times as destructive as a man. He taught specifically for women every year so that we knew that we could accomplish anything if we looked to our souls and recognized our divine power.


In Kundalini Yoga, we have a teaching that we are much more than our physical bodies. In fact, we have 10 bodies in total – 10 subtle and energetic aspects of our beings that make up who we are. These range from the Positive Mind, to the Aura, to the Soul. Each of these 10 bodies has a very specific role. When they are in alignment they help us to live to our highest potential, our destiny.


This meditation engages The Arc Line, the energetic body which is said to be the place where we store our karmas. The Arc Line is often symbolized in pictures as a halo surrounding the head. You can see it in almost any famous painting of a saint, angel, or spiritual teacher.


Women have a second Arc Line that reaches from nipple to nipple across the chest. It is in these two regions where we store past relationships and karmas.


A strong and clear Arc Line is energetically important in deflecting symptoms of depression. It’s our projection of our Arc Line that creates our reality. Hence we can either create ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ on earth depending on the strength of our Arc Line (among many other things).


It’s the foundation of the radiance. When we connect with our own joy, happiness, and light, we naturally project that out into the world. If The Arc Line is clear then we repel negativity easily from either our thoughts or external environment.

You’ll experience what Wahe Guru actually means (“the indescribable joy of going from the darkness to the light”).

Wahe guru Clearing meditation

sodarshan Chakra kriya

Contemplation Q’s:

What and who has influence “over” you?

How can you simplify your world in all areas of life?

How would your choices be different if you were the sovereign Queen of your life, if you checked in with what resonated with you first, before answering?