Module 3 : the sacred and the sexy

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Embodied Intimacy

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It's hard for women to have a deep empowered spirituality if she hasn’t come home to her sexuality. Yes, the truest embodiment of the sacred/spiritual life is, in fact, a coming home to and directing of the most vital energy source in your body; the sensual, the Kundalini, the sacred feminine fire. The quality of sexual energy when its nourished and built, then fuels a vibrant emotional body and healthy relationship to the mind.

A TURNED ON woman is MAGNETIC. She draws all that she needs into her field by doing absolutely nothing. Our turn-on makes us radiant and when we are plugged into this source of energy, there’s nothing that we can’t do because lower vibration thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t exist while we are in states of pleasure and joy.


Fear cannot simultaneously exists with ecstasy. So, PLEASURE is absolute MEDICINE for the wounded ego!  


The body is the way we access pleasure which triggers joy, deep connection and a feeling of wholeness. SO….Our bodies should never be off-limits to us! Self-pleasure is the luscious path we embark on to come home to the most Infinite, powerful flow states that a woman can exude. 


Self-pleasure, much like self-love, has eluded many of us.


We may know how to give others joy but rarely have time to do the same for ourselves in an authentic and deep way (we all know how to take a bubble bath but does that actually connect you to your Divine Infinite Power?). That, combined with a culture full of shame, guilt, repression or exploitation of our pleasure bodies has brought us to an utter place of shut down, confusion and misunderstanding about our own bodies and hidden from us that they are actually tools built for ascension!  


Starting to express our Divine Feminine nature means finding our own way back home…to the Source of All things. The Source is within and is completely dependent of needing someone else to “give” it to you!


We are not a victim to external circumstances, not a damsel in distress awaiting “Prince/cess Good Enough” to arrive.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions keeping many women depressed, lonely and settling for sex rather than love. We actually have all we need within us AND we have access to it at all times!


A way to more deeply discover your Divine Feminine essence is to rewire your relationship to SELF-PLEASURE.


Self-pleasure is a powerful RITUAL of self-love. A way to engage in a deeply sacred act that allows access to the Divine Power Source. It’s a non-judgmental exploratory place for play, re-connection, insights, healing and harmony to be restored. It’s the way to worship at the altar of the BODY TEMPLE. 


Self-pleasure is NOT masturbation (aka, getting off as quickly as possible for stress relief or “dealing” with being horney). It’s not a routine that you have memorized to achieve the goal of orgasm. FYI…It’s not dirty, shameful or embarrassing either.


Many women found their particular technique for masturbating when they were little girls and it been the same since then! A lot of those body postures accentuate tension and closed-ness as a way to force the peak experience. We, mostly, learned that tension is the way to climax when actually its the exact opposite.


However, we will now rewire the body for expanded states of relaxation and openness for maximum pleasure. 


Life With a Turned on Yoni: 


Yoni means Sacred Space, Source of All Life, The Divine Passage


Self-Pleasure releases stuck energy, trauma and deep stress in the body as it OPENS us into deeply receptive and relaxed states.  Your turn on effects your physiology by releasing neurotransmitters and the “feel good” chemicals in the brain: serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine.


Your body was BUILT for pleasure…why else would we have the tiniest gland w/ 8,000 nerve endings that have but one job? The Queen Clitorus needs our respect and attention. And when approached with care she can send us into delicious altered states of ecstasy. 


The body is a temple..yes, we’ve all heard this…but do you treat it that way, for real?


Temples are decorated with lavish jewels, cleaned daily, beautified w/ flowers, adorned and highly regarded as the most sacred portals to the Divine. We hold ourselves with reverence when entering into the sacred space. So, when was the last time you worship at the altar of your temple?


The Altar is a focal point between heaven and earth. An alter connects the two- it's a physical space that is created here on earth to make space to welcome all that is holy.


“A woman is a living, breathing alter. We need to treat the body as the alter to feed the holy in the woman” (quote from Pussy: A Reclamation) Your yoni is the portal that opens into the other realm; a deeply connected, intimate and cosmic place where your intuition speaks Truths. 


The more beautiful we feel and the better we care for our Temple, the more sacred you will feel! Your turn on turns up when you pay attention to the sensual and pleasurable in daily life. 


Sensuality is the act of SLOWING DOWN, being mindful and feeling the world in a sensorial way. You don’t have to feel at all SEXUAL to live a life connected to your SENSUAL self.


Sensuality enlivens your sexuality but they aren’t one in the same. Sensuality heightens your awareness. The 5 senses bring you directly into the a present moment, embodied experience. So, how can you use the senses to slow down and smell the roses? Take time to touch, see, smell, hear and taste the luscious, magical world around you. 


This makes you feel good and is such a simple way to reconnect with your body. There are so many things in this world that are designed to take you out of the moment and away from what is amazing about you…to remind you of your insecurities and fear.


We need a VERY strong, DAILY practice to remind ourselves of what is good and right about us and the world. 


The Beauty Way is a path of the Navajo Native peoples; It’s to follow the path of beauty and honor one's own uniqueness.


Look to create beauty in your world, make it a ceremony, surround yourself with beauty, see beauty, follow beauty always. Let beauty be a North Star in your life that guides you to your own Radiance and the Sacred.


What in your home space, closet, car, relationships feel beautiful? If it doesn’t feel beautiful…do you need it anymore? What are you hanging on to that doesn’t bring you joy? 


To rewire all the cultural conditioning around our bodies…yes, we need to do these practices WITH our bodies.


To rewire something it takes almost 400 repetitions of a new behavior UNLESS we do it w/ play and joy…then it just takes about 30-40 repetitions. So, yes this is about turning up the volume on our JOY through self-pleasure and working deeply with self-love and self-worth.




The yoni contains an acupressure/energetic map of the body…like reflexology points. Certain areas inside your vagina correspond to the organs and glands in your body.  


The perineum, anus and cervix are the organs/areas of the first chakra in a woman’s body where the majority of our trauma is stored.  Trauma occurs because we perceive that we are not safe bringing up the first chakra qualities of safety and security on this earthly journey.


The yoni has also carried all the deep programming about second chakra issues; a very suppressed sexual culture, shame around the body and any sexual trauma/deep stress/violations that you have undergone on a personal level. So, it's kind of obvious that we would need to give the pelvic floor it’s due attention yet because of such a lack of understanding of this area…it mostly goes ignored. 


Like any other part of the body holding long-standing stress…she has tension and knots that constrict and stifle the blood flow which causes pain points and internal trauma that can go undetected due to lack of attention.  


And just like the other parts of our body…she needs bodywork, pressure point release, massage, attention and LOVE to release the holding.


Release in the yoni area allows stuck energy to move, increased blood circulation, more sensation, hormones to come back into balance (because of more oxygen fed through blood), muscle fibers to realign in the proper direction (like untangling knots of hair) and most importantly for the EMOTIONS to become unfrozen so they can be felt and let go of.


Yup…your self-pleasure is also your self-healing! 


The jade egg is an essential tool of the Modern Day Priestess! An ancient Taoist practice for health and wellbeing. Using a jade egg isn’t just to greatly enhance the efficacy of Kegel exercises but by giving the muscles an object to grip and tense around it trains the entire pelvic floor. The movement of the jade egg inside also has the effect of stimulating reflexology points for all the major organs of the body. 


One meaning of the jade stone is purity or purification. And because jade is regarded as a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy, jade also symbolizes gentleness and nourishment. For some users of jade, the stone may have the feeling of an ancient sage that is so centered that merely being in its presence creates a feeling of being elevated and nurtured.


When working on your own body, it's important to honor ALL that comes up knowing that it might not make any sense at all. Emotions don’t “make sense” as they are not spawned from the logical mind.


The sex organs carry wounds from the past, unconscious conditioning, the collective unconscious…even past lives. So, as usual, don’t try to make meaning out the sensations that arise. You may ride waves of pleasure into tears into angry…just keep riding and breathing as you do. 


Use your practice time as a self-loving, healing RITUAL of beauty.


-Set the space…music, candles, incense, soft-lighting, crystals, feathers, drums, sage…whatever feels sacred which will be totally unique to you. 

-Create the Time…make sure you will be undisturbed and you feel safe.

-Set the Tone…do some deep breathing, dress in something that makes you feel beautiful…robe, lingerie, nothing... naked


-Center yourself. 


Life is a RITUAL of Devotion. The body is the TEMPLE. Your Love is the MEDICINE.


Rewire that!!




The jade egg is an essential tool of the Modern Day Priestess! An ancient Taoist practice for health and wellbeing. The egg works on all levels as an integrated system of healing, strengthening, cleansing and empowering. 


The properties of the crystals combined with increased blood flow from physical movements and energetic cleansing make this a comprehensive and powerful practice. The movement of the jade egg inside also has the effect of stimulating reflexology points for all the major organs of the body. 


Jade is the strongest most durable stones. It contains mineral properties to heal, balance and strengthen the one who uses it. One meaning of the jade stone is purity or purification. And because jade is regarded as a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy, jade also symbolizes gentleness and nourishment. For some users of jade, the stone may have the feeling of an ancient sage that is so centered that merely being in its presence creates a feeling of being elevated and nurtured.


Rose quartz or obsidian eggs are used as well each have different properties.  


Rose Quartz is a beautiful experience to practice with for their gentle pink essence. It is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love.


Obsidian is a very protective stone, and is excellent for removing negativity. It is also excellent protection, cord-cutting and reclaiming your own energy.


Connecting with Your Egg


You can focus your attention on the subtle and energetic qualities to activate your yoni. Spend time breathing light into your egg and connecting an intention for the practice to in while it is resting in your hands or on your heart. 


Caring For The Egg


Jade Eggs Boil for 10 mins- let water come to boil then turn down and low boil for a full 10 mins when you first get the egg. This just needs to be done the first time you receive it and only boil the egg if it’s JADE. Rose and obsidian can be placed in a glass of hot water but may crack if boiled. 


Use new string EVERY TIME you use the egg.  Use unwaxed, unflavored dental floss. 


After use rinse the egg right away. You don’t want crusted fluids in the drilled hole. 


If you don’t wash right away then you can always re-boil or put into a glass of hot water and let it sit for 10 mins. 


Before each use Can use 10 drops of iodine or betadine in a glass of water and drop the egg in. This is an extra careful step if you choose for max hygiene. I just rinse with soap and water. 


Or you can pour boiling water over the egg and let it sit in there for a few mins before so you egg is hygienic and warm! Make sure your egg is not too hot! Check the temp before inserting! Never insert the egg without feeling the temperature or it can burn you. 

-Not recommended to wear Jade Egg during menstruation.


-Not recommend to sleep with it inside or wearing it for longer than 8 hours. Wearing the egg around is not a part of the practice. The practices are done lying down or sitting and are active attention to certain movements. You can wear the egg if you so wish…it's just not part of the practice. 


In and Out


The egg is inserted slowly with the fat side up towards the vaginal opening and the drill side down towards the feet. 


Ask your Yoni if the egg has permission to enter into her before inserting. Get used to listening to her voice and connecting with her needs. This is your Sacred Temple. 


Yawning the egg in- Inhale and slightly push down on the egg as the lips expand. Exhale slightly drinks/sucks the egg in. You can also use coconut or sesame oil or lube and a slow, sensual twisting motion helps the egg move in with ease. 


She won't get lost, it's impossible to lose your egg past your cervix. Remember you can always squat and gently push your egg out or pull on the floss string to pull the egg out when finished.

SiSTAR Contemplations Q's:

How would my day be different if I maintained an awareness of my body as a Temple?

How would I dress, talk, move?

What is SENSUALITY to you?