Module 3 : the sacred and the sexy

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Womb Wisdom






As women, we have come here as an expression of the Divine Feminine. We do not need to cultivate it or find it! The Divine Feminine is ever-present because it is the ESSENCE of who you are,...Just like WORTH or worthiness is an ever-present quality. Just like a light shines behind a window. The light is there even though you can't see it. And, All you need to do is start wiping the filament off the window to start to see the light shine through. The thoughts, actions, words that need to be cleared are the ones that obscure who we are. And when we wipe that away, the light of our natural femininity shines through. 


It’s exhausting suppressing the essence of who we are in this life! So, it's time for us to stop suppressing our Divine Feminine and start expressing it! 

So many women suffer because we have very delicate biochemistry. Our hormones are way out of balance. Just coming home to our womb space and working with our yonis as an integrated system within our bodies we can bring balance and health back to the body as a whole and begin the deep re-connection to our definition of what it means to be Feminine. 


We will now be shifting into the best and deepest most underutilized RESOURCE within us. We are moving, not away from healing the pain of the past but towards the Source connection that can override any trauma, stress or harm you have ever undergone. 


The source of connection to the TRUE Self as a woman is through the womb. She is a direct channel to the Infinite energy through our own bodies!


We don’t have to look outside us or up in Cosmos to find GOD…she’s been with us all along. We humbly come to do the repair with the GODDESS essence that lies within, THE WOMB.


She whispers the wisdom of the ancients, she has never been born, she will never die, she is eternal power…she is a portal to LOVE. 


So, why has this been part of us for millennia been ignored, marginalized, betrayed, violated? Why were we not brought up to celebrate, honor and revere her power?


Well…fear. Yup, fear of a power that is so mystical and magical that it births all creation and life itself. Yes, if we knew how powerful we were, we’d be living in a modern-day Lumeria, where the Goddess was worshiped and harmony reigned. It took the Patriarchy many years of shame, violence and bullying to make sure that feminine power was silenced and controlled. 


As a result, our field of consciousness fell into lower, very dense frequencies. The womb’s power was de-mystified by those that felt threatened.

WE collectively fell asleep to the magic and mystic of the feminine way. Nature herself if worshiped was then considered demonic. The feminine was abused. So, like any abusive relationship…we need to start to see the Truth, gain the confidence to leave the old way behind, and begin to reconstruct who we are again as a collective. Luckily, many amazing women have paved the way for where we are now but, Ladies, we have work to do! 


We are now waking from this dense dream…so many women are having memories of times past when the Divine Matriarchy reined. These are the messages conveyed that it is safe for the Feminine to return…that we can connect with our powers, nature and each other… and not be killed or tortured for it. 


Feminine Power is in a drastic re-birth and she looks different than before. She will arise with a new consciousness that understands the importance of helping birth an age seeded by the Divine Masculine which will have us in ultimate harmony. However, the work lies in hearing the whispers of our intuition and making choices that honor the highest alignment for our bodies, minds and soul path. 


Our job as women in this lifetime is to come into alignment with the essence of who we really are. As women and a society we have been in resistance to this…we have not known how to relate to the Divine Feminine (which is the Goddess…life, renewal, creation, birth, receptivity, openness, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, the moon, connection and sensuality). To come into connection with your own Divine Feminine energy is to search for and connect with these energies. 


It’s hard to come into open receptivity when we are competing, comparing and complaining about and with other women. This is the Dark Feminine way that holds our power down. Instead, we are to look deeper at the PARTS of us that want to relate in a wounded way. Our health as women is dependent on us allowing ourselves to come into contact with these things which we have suppressed. THEN, we ALLOW those aspects of our true selves to express.


That’s why we do the shadow work...we don’t want to deny anything...your inner bitch, inner boss babe, inner masochist, inner good girl and bad girl. Let’s get to know all hidden sides of us...don’t sugar coat your parts. 


Our expression of womanhood is as unique as women themselves.


Each women is a unique expression of the Divine Fem. So we aren’t looking to conform for some archetypal idea of womanhood or have to know what Divine Feminine is or isn’t. We are looking for our OWN Divine Feminine to flow through us and to express into this physical dimension.

This is about releasing the things that disallow our true Fem essence and allowing for who we really are. We’ve rebelled against or conformed to the idea of Feminine. Now, it's time to re-connect deeply with your own by listening to what your intuition says. 


Get in touch w/ intuition. This means to listen to emotions, not logic!


Womanhood is a RECEPTIVE state of being. Receptivity means we do not build walls around ourselves instead we access a profound state of OPENNESS. Part of what comes w/ that receptivity is a connection to that which is beyond the physical dimension and to other people.


Also, to be this receptive and open you need BOUNDARIES that feel good and a trust that you will utilize them. We can use boundaries for safety now so that you can stop shutting out and off as a defense to stay safe and in the meantime missing opportunities and intuitive callings in this closed-off state.

What do you like/dislike about being Feminine?


What feels empowering about Fem stereotypes and what feels disempowering about prescribed ways of being that don’t fit for you as an individual?


You might wear dresses…so ask yourself…why do I enjoy wearing dresses? Is this for me or for others to approve/like me? Why did I buy a station wagon? Did this car bring me joy or did I get it because the other moms had the same one?


Now…obviously, these questions are going to be different for everyone and there is NO wrong answer. You might absolutely love your station wagon or wearing dresses. Some of the stereotypes…I actually found that I really love. For years, I wouldn’t get my nails done deeming it…not spiritual or natural…then I asked myself this question and realize…I absolutely love having my nails painted. It’s like a little matching outfit for my hands..ha. But now, I choose that because I know it brings me joy. 


We need to have a personal checks and balances system for our Fem/Mas traits to make sure we are in our own self-inquiry process about what WE like not anyone else. 


Trust yourself to know what is right for you to do. Trust that you know how to express the Divine Feminine within. Step One...Start having a better relationship to your own body and understanding this beautiful body is already totally tuned into the cycles of nature...we must follow her not the other way around… Get to know you Inner Oracle. Womb Wisdom is waiting to show you how...

Contemplation Q’s:

Ask your womb what brings her joy?

What are her messages for you?

How does she feel? 

What if you made choices from your womb this week?

Do you hear her...Do you trust her wisdom? 

Yoni Types Quodoushka- PDF - Q Story of Fire Women and Men 


The deer. If you have what the shamans call a "deer vagina," it means that your vagina is hot in temperature, but relatively dry. It is very deep, has a sweet/sour taste, and apparently she takes 2-5 minutes to reach orgasm. 


The fox. A woman who has a fox vagina has a vagina that is cooler in temperature, very deep, and the flavor is said to be neutral-tasting. Each vagina type is named after an animal because it is supposed to relate to that animal's behavior type. Foxes are coy animals; a bit reserved in demeanor but deeply clever.


The dancing woman. Apparently this is the average type of vagina that most women have, according to Lund. These vaginas have an average depth, neutral flavor, and are decently moist. A woman with this kind of vagina takes the longest to orgasm – an estimated 40 minutes. But remember, this is average!


The antelope. If you're a woman with an antelope vagina it means you're internal temperature is hot, hot, hot! This can kind of backfire at times, however, because the tremendous heat of your vagina can end up zapping you of your moisture.


The buffalo. Alright you sexy beasts, what does the buffalo vagina have to say about you? Apparently this type of vagina is very cool, has a fresh scent and is very moist. In terms of depth, it is shallow and has large lips. There is a salty flavor to this vagina and it generally takes her up to 15-20 minutes to orgasm.

The cat. The cat vagina is interesting because according to Lund it is the only type of vagina that Playboy has ever featured. It is petite and neat with no folds and has a medium depth to it. While this type of vagina may be seen by many as the prettiest type, most vaginas aren't like this.


The sheep.  This is how happy you should be about your vagina. The sheep vagina is very hot in temperature, extremely wet and very deep. It also has a sweet flavor and it takes her up to 15-20 minutes to orgasm.


The wolf. Like the wolf, women with this type of vagina howl loudly when they reach orgasm. Internally they are hot in temperature and relatively moist. It will take you about 20-30 minutes to reach orgasm,


For women:

Distance between the clitoris and vaginal opening

Shape or size of the clitoral hood

Size of inner lips

Depth of the vaginal canal

Location of G-spot area

Amount of lubrication



Typical time to reach orgasm

Preferred types of stimulation

Types of orgasm

Preferred intercourse position

Sexual demeanor such as sensitive, imaginative, alluring

UNTIL RECENTLY, ANCIENT TEACHINGS merging spirituality and sexuality have been hidden from us. There has been a rediscovery of shamanism and with this the teachings of Native Americans have come to light. The Chuluaqui-Quodoushka (CHOO-la­kway Kwuh-DOE-shka) Medicine Wheel way has recently been revealed at the discretion of Harley Swiftdeer, a metis (mixed blood) of Cherokee (clan of the Tsalagi Aniyunwiya) and Irish descent.

The Chuluaqui-Quodoushka teachings were once secret rituals and ceremonies that were taught and practiced with the guidance of a Firewoman or Fireman. A Fireperson was trained as a sexual educator, initiator, or facilitator. Years of training sponsored by a council of Grandmothers (women of wisdom and knowledge) were required before a person could assume the role of Firewoman or Fireman. In this way, sexuality and spirituality were integrated to create the appropriate reverence for one's body, mind, and spirit. A path of spiritual sexuality provides an awareness for being in right relationship with all that is, with everything, and with nature - the true reality. Called Fire Medicine, the Chuluaqui­Quodoushka teachings were part of a rite of passage for adolescents (however, there is no term for or concept of "adolescence" in Native American nations). Upon entering puberty, men and women were understood to be adults. A rite of passage was held; each individual was sponsored by a Grandmother.

A vision quest was formalized. The quest was done over a period of time, beginning with a sweat lodge for purification and fasting for clarity of mind. Upon the young person's return from the vision quest, a council of Grandmothers selected the appropriate "fire person" to become their sexual educator or initiator.

Each Firewoman or Fireman had been through years of training that included medicine wheel teachings, ceremonies to honor passages of time (individually and in connection with nature), techniques that involved breathing practices, understanding of energy vortices, explanations of the female and male aspect of each individual, how to balance energy centers within one's body and mind and how to do this with another, understanding one's sexual strengths and "gifts", the study of genital anatomy types, and role playing with the Lover's Mask Medicine Wheel (sexual personae within us that we act out consciously and subconsciously in relationship to another).

The heart-pleasuring ceremony (a process of self­stimulation using rhythmic breathing, visualizations, pelvic movements, and energy centers within the body to integrate the body, mind, and spirit with an intention of healing) and the Fire-breath organism were taught as the young person advanced in knowledge and experience. Levels and types of orgasm were understood and practiced. Ceremonial ways of achieving a blissful state of union with another were also taught.

The impact of understanding one's sexuality in these ways gave an individual a sense of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-esteem. The result was the ability to make conscious, responsible sexual choices. The first experience of sex was not about romantic love and fostering dependencies; instead, it was about knowledge, pleasure, and personal power, e.g., self-esteem.