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Healing that Uplevels Your Life

Full Spectrum Medicine

Ways to Engage


VIP Mystic Mama Personalized Program

This is a 3-month DEEP DIVE coaching and mentoring program designed just for YOU!


Are you ready for a radical UPgrade in your relationships, love life and purpose? These 1 on 1 programs are designed to take you to the next level and then the one beyond that…the one you didn’t know existed! 


We work closely together weekly for 3 months with personalized sessions on Zoom, downloadable audio and video practices, and What’s App messages.  You will expand through any block and learn how to really get what you desire from a place aligned with Spirit and Heart like never before. 


You are ready for the UPlevel NOW? Do you want to do this in a streamlined, action orientated yet FEMININE way??… beautifully supported with Alana as your Galactic Guide around the Yoniverse?

Learn More about the UPleveling Love VIP Program here…


Divine Feminine

Radiance Rising Online Program

4 Month Women's Healing and Coaching Program

Runs Jan-May Next round Starts 2020


It's hard for women to have a deep empowered spirituality if she hasn’t come home to her sexuality. Yes, the truest embodiment of the sacred/spiritual life is, in fact, a coming home to and directing your the most vital energy source in your body; the sensual, the Kundalini, the sacred feminine fire. The quality of sexual energy when its nourished and built, then fuels a vibrant emotional body and a healthy relationship to the mind.

You will have emotions and thoughts tied more to your truth when you can see what limiting beliefs you have unconsciously taken on due to trauma, stress, lack of needs getting met, toxic cultural messages about our bodies etc. We then transcend and replace these old programs through processes of somatic embodiment practices, spiritual psychology, breathwork, gestalt therapy, mindfulness and meditation.


Breathwork Ceremony

Psycho-Spiritual Transformation​

1 on 1 Sessions

Using somatic, ancient yogic, and breathwork techniques break free of the limiting beliefs and past wounds that keep you stuck in in the same patterns. Alana will guide you as an individual or with a partner to clear old patterns and reveal a depth of connection that you always knew was possible. 


  • Gain clarity on what limits or blocks you from having vital, passionate relationships.

  • Practice opening your body and energy to experience a deeper level of intimacy within so you can then experience an empowered and confident version of yourself with a partner.

  • Conscious communication skills to navigate the language of expressing yourself with grace and without projection in all relationships.

  • Lay a foundation of trust and love within yourself so that you can actually manifest a trusting and reciprocal loving relationship.

  • How to value and trust that sex and intimacy is really a vehicle to explore what is sacred in the universe and in another.


Workshops and Retreats

Live Events

Alana is an experienced facilitator who uses proven techniques in Transpersonal psychotherapy, breathwork, guided meditation and ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, tantric yoga, open and honest dialogue to guide participants into getting to know their deepest selves in a comfortable and safe way.


Doing so, allows for breakthroughs big and small, as you become acquainted with the deepest parts of your soul. The self-love Alana helps you cultivate results in one’s ability to cope more quickly, understand what you’re facing, and more courageously trust their inner compass.


If you'd like to host a private ceremony or workshop in your area please contact Alana at link below. 




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