Module 4: Queen of RadiancE

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Divine Feminine Archetypes…


We all have access to all the archetypes however will have a primary and sometimes a secondary that is most dominant in our soul expression. We can call on each of them as guides to draw out aspects of the self that are needed for your journey. From Rebecca Campbell…


High Priestess- Crown Chakra…The High Priestess is the mystical bridge between the worlds channeling information and creating beauty and harmony through her work. Leaders of light in the world. So devoted that she may trouble putting her personal life or relationships before her work as she has such a duty to her work. She is wed to the Divine. High Priestess are responsible for creating ritual. Linked to Venus and Virgo she makes sure everything is perfect and there is beauty, balance, and harmony in the world. Prayer and Devotion. Holy work is always her priority but in order to sustain, she must learn how to serve herself first. 


Seer - Third Eye Chakra…astute intuition and the ability to see things others cannot. She is a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds. Highly sensitive physic and a visionary with an intensity, she journeys deep and to the dark places and is unafraid to face the shadows. Her clear vision allows her to cut through inauthenticity. Sometimes her truth speaking can sometimes trigger others as she names things that are often unspoken about and unseen. 


The Storyteller/Artist - Throat Chakra…Is here to express and be heard. To share her stories, opinions, ideas, creations w/ the world. She makes a wonderful writer, speaker, performer and teacher.  Rarely lost for words, the passing down of information is what she came here to do. She needs to find channels for her creations to be funneled into and shared. The storyteller is at her most powerful when she is focused on the passing of wisdom rather than a student that feels unprepared. 


Healer - Heart Chakra…The healer feels things very deeply, she is unconditional with her loving. A natural empath she is highly sensitive to her environment. She has a huge heart and a natural ability to hold others in their darkest hours. She sees the wholeness of all people and she is not quick to judge. You can say almost anything to a healer and feel accepted with love. She sees the light and good in all. The healer needs to remember that to heal others, she must tend to her own healing and that it is ok to receive abundance for her work. 


Warrior or Wild Woman - Solar plexus…Warrior is fierce she is the game changer and activist. She is not afraid to make a stand and go where others are afraid. Often speaking out about issues she feels need to change, the Warrior is here to bring about Justice. You cannot restrain her. She is boundless. The Warrior/Wild Women needs to remember to fight what she is FOR rather than resist what she is against. 


Natural Witch/Medicine Woman - Sacral Charka Like the seer, she has the capacity to journey into the shadows to see the light. Throughout history, she has been misunderstood and mistreated so she might feel fear and defensiveness around being accepted by the world. In essence, she is connected to the earth. She is in tune with the seasons, the animals, the moon and the body. A guardian of the earth, she sees the sacredness of nature. She knows how to use the elements to create magic for herself and others. 


Earth Mother/Midwife - Root Chakra…Is the midwife of the world. She is here to usher in the new by encouraging, assisting and supporting others. Often very grounded, she is here to brith the potential of the world. She possesses a mother bear-like energy when she needs to protect what is being birthed. Highly compassionate and very hands-on, she makes a wonderful host and caring for others and being in a relationship, and being surrounded by people.


What’s your archetype?  

Contemplation Q’s:


How do you DEVOTE yourself to YOU?

What do you value?

What codes are you meant to bring to this earth? 


What will keep you accountable to being in a higher vibrational state?